What is Winter Reading?

Winter Reading is a program created to help motivate everyone to read more during the winter months. The winter months are a great time to dedicate to reading because it's too cold outside, it gets dark early, and what could be better than wrapping up in a warm blanket and reading?
We have done a yearly Summer Reading Program where we focus on children and keeping them motivated to read during the Summer to keep them on track when they return to school in the Fall. With our Winter Reading we are encouraging readers of all ages to participate and track their reading for a chance to win one of many great prizes! This year is our inaguaral year for our Winter Reading Program. Help us make it a success and a program that can help readers of all ages and abilities pick up a book and read by joining and participating this year with us!

How do I participate?

Participating is easy. It doesn't take years of practice like olympic athletes. To participate all you need to do is Sign up, Read, and track your reading! That's it!
We count anything you read (Books, Magazines, Articles, etc) and anything read to you (Audiobooks or being read to as a child). *If you read to someone, those minutes can only be counted once, either for you or the listener, not both.
To make things fair, we are asking everyone to track how many minutes read during the program and log those minutes online using Reader Zone or through a paper log available at the library or you can download one here. The winners for each age group will be determined based on how many minutes are read during the program. There will be a Gold, Silver, and Bronze winner for each age group with great prizes like a Kindle Fire HD, Gift Cards, Books, etc. Track each book you read as well for a chance to win an Echo Dot, given to the reader who finishes the most amount of books during the program!
The Librarians will be participating as well (We are not eligible to win prizes) so see if you can outread your librarians!

Sign up is easy!

Come in to the library and we will help you sign up or you can sign up anytime online . All we need to sign you up at the library is your name! How easy is that? 
Sign up anytime between December 1, 2017 and January 20, 2018.
To sign up online visit or download the app from your favorite app store. To sign up all you need is a name and email address.
Create a reader and join our Reading Program using the code: gpl-winter18 and pick your age group. That's it!

Instuctions for Reader Zone.
Use this if you want to be able to track your reading online and view your progress.

Click on the image to make it larger.

Use this form to sign up only if you would prefer to track your reading on a paper log available at the library rather than track your progress online.
If you want to be able to see your progress online you will need to create an account on with your name and email.

Group Sign Up (Please include name and age of each participant)
Age Group (Children 0-5, Tween 6-12, Teen 13-18, Adult 18+)